Mediation Attorney In Bergen County

When you are dealing with divorce, the process can be both heartbreaking and frustrating.  Especially in the case of a contested divorce, the situation can unravel very quickly without proper guidance and support.  In these cases, Divorce Mediation may be helpful.


Due to the cost of mediation, it is always suggested that the couple collaborates on the mediation financially. The Divorce Mediation In Bergen Countylatter meaning that both parties split the cost of mediation. If the couple can agree on nothing, they can agree that they need intervention and help to get through the divorce and are likely to agree to split the cost of the mediation.

Benefits Of Mediation

The main benefit is that the couple will avoid dealing with Arbitration, a format used for couples that cannot come to an amicable conclusion on any element. Arbitration is an instrument of the court and being more formal, feel dragged, public, and draining on both parties. Mediation allows each party to air their grievances as well as to be heard.  The mediator will collect the same information from both individuals in order to best assist them through the process. This means that both parties will feel heard and validated and this can lead to the best possible outcome for all parties involved.
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Disagreeing with your former partner can be disheartening and divorce can become a contentious process. Having a mediator can take some of that weight and stress off of your shoulders and allow you to proceed more comfortably. Learn more about the benefits of Divorce Mediation, call today: (201) 281-5577