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When families break apart due to divorce or separation, it can be a difficult transition for everyone involved. Parents and kids alike have to adjust to a new normal as defined by their child custody and visitation arrangement. The family dynamic can become even more emotionally charged and complicated if one parent declares they want to move out-of-state with the children. 

Moving Out-of-state

The Law Offices of Lazaro Carvajal represents parents requesting to move out-of-state with their child as well as parents opposing such a request. No matter which side of the issue you fall on, we can offer thoughtful legal guidance and zealously protect your parental rights. Child custody lawyer Lazaro Carvajal has helped many families like yours throughout North Bergen and Hudson County navigate child relocation matters. 

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Can I Relocate With My Child Out of New Jersey?

The Supreme Court of New Jersey recently ruled that a parent cannot relocate with their child unless they are able to prove that relocating is in the child’s best interest. Furthermore, the relocating parent must obtain the consent of the other parent or receive a court order in the event of a dispute. 

Common Reasons for Relocating

  • Job change
  • Remarriage
  • Military transfer
  • The desire for fresh start
  • Be closer to friends and/or family 
  • Get away from an abusive relationship

How Do I Prevent My Child from Leaving? 

If your former spouse is planning on moving out of state with your child, you do have the right to contest the move in court. This is especially true if you believe the move is out of spite or intended to deliberately keep you away from your children. 

Factors the Court Considers for Approving or Denying a Child Custody Relocation Request

In determining what is in the best interests of the children, the court will analyze a number of factors, including: 

  • The bond between the child and each parent
  • Ties to community
  • The impact of the move on the child’s established relationships with family and friends, community
  • How will move impact custody and parenting time for non-moving parent
  • Child’s education needs 
  • The reasons for and against the move

In addition, the court will most likely have a mental health professional conduct an evaluation of the child and family as part of their decision-making process. 

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